The OCP18 will take place entirely as a virtual event. The time zone of OCP18 is Central European Standard Time (GMT+1)

Session 4:

Chair                 Maria del Mar Vanrell (Universitat de les Illes Balears)
Technical assistants: Vicky Leonetti (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Dídac Martorell (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

09:30-10           No 2 low. Noam Faust and Nicola Lampitelli

CANCELLED     Light diphthongs, I/U asymmetries and Government LicensingMarkus Alexander Pöchtrager

10-10:30          Derived long vowels as moraic spans: Why tone avoids derived long vowels. Marko Simonović

10:30-11          Mutual counterfeeding in Bari can be reanalysed as two separate counterfeeding interactions. Robert Fritzsche

11-11:30          Coffee break

Breakout room 1 Faust & Lampitelli

Breakout room 2 Simonović

Breakout room 3 Fritzsche

Session 5:

Chair                Ingo Feldhausen (Université de Lorraine & ATILF-CNRS)
Technical assistants: Joana Catany and Pere Garau (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

11:30-12          Prosodic realization of prominence in declaratives and interrogatives in Urdu/Hindi. Farhat Jabeen

12-12:30          Why kl~kolj, br~ber, v~ved, but never kl~br or kolj~ber? Restrictions on the phonological shape of root allomorphs in Slovenian. Petra Mišmaš and Marko Simonović

12:30-13          The phonology of initial cluster coordination – a cross-language articulographic study. Geoff Schwartz, Anne Hermes and Radek Święciński

13-13:30          Discussion

Breakout room 1 Jabeen

Breakout room 2 Mišmaš & Simonović

Breakout room 3 Schwartz et al.

13:30-15                Lunch

Session 6:

Chair                Francesc Torres-Tamarit (SFL, CNRS, Université Paris 8)
Technical assistant: Christopher Little (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

15-15:30           Simple clitics: An interface phenomenon. Matthew King

15:30-16           Function words: Implications for the syntax-phonology interface. Heather Newell and Tobias Scheer

16-16:30           Onset-sensitive stress in Iron Ossetian. Ryan Walter Smith and Amber Lubera

16:30-17           Coffee break

Breakout room 1 King

Breakout room 2 Newell & Scheer

Breakout room 3 Smith & Lubera

Chair                 Nancy Kula (University of Essex)

17-18                Invited speaker: Phonotactic restrictions in phonological theory: from Optimality Theory to symbolic Neural Networks. Silke Hamann

18-18:30            Discussion

Breakout room 1 Hamann

18:30-19            Concluding remarks and business meeting


Defectivity caused by templaticity. Peter Rebrus, Péter Szigetvári and Miklós Törkenczy

The effect of linguistic education on learning vowel harmony in an artificial language. Amber Lubera

Phonological contrasts and gradient effects in ongoing lenition. Karolina Broś, Marzena Zygis, Adam Sikorski and Jan Wołłejko